If you haven't heard, Dublin is building a pedestrian and bicycle bridge to span our largest natural resource, the Scioto River. In addition to stunning views, easy access to all Downtown Dublin has to offer and overall awesomeness, here are 10 fun facts about the new bridge in Dublin. (To be completed in 2020) 

1. 350,000 pounds (175 tons) of reinforcing steel – the weight of 100 mid-size cars or 145 OSU victory bells (2,420 pounds)

2. 1,600 cy of concrete – amount of concrete to build 32 new single-family houses (foundations and driveway – 50 cy per house)

3. 860,000 pounds (430 tons) of structural steel – weight of a loaded 747 airplane or 355 OSU victory bells

4. Structural Steel is being fabricated in Tampa, Florida

5. 7 miles of #10AWG for electrical/lighting systems – Little Brown Jug (horse race) harness racing track of 1 mile – wire quantity would wrap around track 7 times OR circumference of OSU Stadium (2,892 feet) – wrap the wire around OSU Stadium 13 times

6. 2 Suspension cables (120mm diameter) – tensile force in cable of 3,250,000 lbs. each – this force is the weight of 500 adult African Bush Elephants (6.5 tons each) (since zoo is nearby)

7. Main and Hanger suspension cables are being fabricated in Redaelli, Milano, Italy

8. 8 ground anchors with a design force of 845,000 lbs. each – this force is the weight of 520 adult African Bush Elephants (6.5 tons each) (since zoo is nearby)

9. Main tower height of 169 feet – OSU Stadium press box (183 feet tall)

10. Suspension span of 500 feet long – nearly 2 football fields

For more information on the Pedestrian Bridge and for live cam updates, visit http://bridgestreet.dublinohiousa.gov/pedestrian-bridge/