There are tons of gems in Dublin. Some harder to find than others.

Here's a roundup of 5 uniquely Dublin attractions that can be missed if you don't know where to look. 

1) Indian Run Falls- This takes some light hiking to find, but is totally worth it to see this beautiful, natural waterfall. 

2) Riverboxes- This mix of art and geocaching includes 16 riverboxes hidden along the Scioto River waiting to be discovered.

3) Wendy’s Flagship Store- To the untrained eye this looks like your everyday Wendy’s. When you enter you'll find true gems of Wendy’s history like a giant crystal hamburger and an Olympic torch carried by Dave Thomas.

4) Public Art- Yes, there are some pieces of our public art that aren’t hidden at all, but there are over 70 elements around town that aren’t as obvious as the Field of Corn on Frantz Rd. or the Jack Nicklaus Tribute sculpture in the center of Muirfield Drive.

5) 1 Stop Bead Shop- Create a gem of your own at this unique shop for buying and beading.