One day you’re enjoying the sunshine on your favorite patio, and the next you’re curled up under your fluffiest blanket with gray skies. It’s time to face that fall is here, and winter is on the way. But there are perks to cooler temperatures; it’s finally soup season!

Check out these five “soup-er” spots in Dublin.

Lan Viet 

Lan Viet at North Market Bridge Park serves up a sensational Pho experience. Their broth is a fragrant masterpiece, simmered to perfection with rich beef and spices. The generous portion of tender rice noodles pairs beautifully with your choice of protein, like melt-in-your-mouth beef. Fresh herbs and condiments are served on the side for a personal touch. The attention to detail and quality ingredients elevate this Pho to a whole new level. It's a must-try for both Pho enthusiasts and newcomers, promising a flavorful journey to Vietnam right in Ohio.

Lan Viet - Pho

101 Beer Kitchen

Kick it up a notch! 101 Beer Kitchen’s Green Chili packs the perfect punch. This seasonal favorite is made with roasted pork and tomatillo chili, which adds the perfect spice level for those extra cold days. Eat with a spoon or their deliciously warm corn tortillas. If you’re not a fan of spice, the fall grilled cheese with creamy butternut squash soup is another cozy fan favorite.

Bowl of green chili with tortillas

Fukuryu Ramen

Put away the Top Ramen and let Fukuryu Ramen satisfy your craving for this college classic. Fukuryu offers a wide variety of ramen bowls, from traditional shio ramen to the fiery red dragon, but you can’t go wrong with the signature Tonkotsu ramen. A full-bodied bone broth topped with braised pork belly, house-made bamboo shoots and wood ear mushrooms. Make sure you grab an order of the Japanese Fried Chicken while you’re at it!

Fukuryu Ramen & Japanese Fried Chicken

Dublin Village Tavern

Located in the heart of Historic Dublin, the Dublin Village Tavern offers the coziest pub vibes in town. Inside this historic building, you’ll find Irish charm and their infamous Village Chowder.  A hearty soup made with potatoes, ham and cheese and topped with fresh jalapenos. It’s the perfect start to any meal.

DVT Chowder

Revelry Tavern 

While Revelry Tavern may be known for its "Revelry Burger," don't skip out on the Tortilla Soup! This creamy and cheesy soup will undoubtedly warm you up from those freezing temps. Not to mention the variety of drafts to choose from. 

Tortilla Soup Revelry



Whether you’re a cold-weather soup connoisseur or like to enjoy a cup year-round, these Dublin restaurants are sure to satisfy.   Share your “soup-erb” memories with us using #SoDublin.

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