It’s hard to put a price on quality family time, and the school year routine is right around the corner. Every year they get a little older, and in today’s world, it is more important than ever to embrace spontaneity and invest in family. So before the school bus picks them up in the fall, pack up the car and let us help you plan a weekend away in Dublin with the people that matter the most. Here are seven ways to make sure your kids will remember this weekend as the best one ever.

1. Let Them Plan the Vacation!

With a town offering so many activities and adventures, it is easier than ever to make sure everybody gets to do something they want. Why not let your kids each plan some adventures for the whole family. 

2. Let them order anything they want. 

It is hard not to love a good brunch, and Dublin is prepared for your every craving. All the more reason to hit the road early and “fuel up” upon arrival. Start the getaway right with a meal to everyone’s taste while you tap into that youthful energy with some help from a coffee. Not only will brunch save a bit of money by combining two meals into one, but you can also plan ahead and take advantage of some of the useful brunch specials offered in Dublin. A few of our favorites are Tucci’s and Sunny Street Cafe, both formidable feasts.

Sunny Street Cafe

3. Discover Hidden Waterfalls. 

There is no substitute for fresh air, and we are lucky here in Dublin to have endless amounts of green spaces to re-energize. Take the family for a hike at Indian Run Falls to work off some energy, or get back to nature by playing a game of hide-and-go-seek in the park. Remind each other how powerfully refreshing nature can be by taking advantage of Dublin’s backyard. The best part of this: there are no phones required for this activity. 

Indian Run Falls - Kids

4. Meet Animals From Around the World

For the animal lovers in the family, don’t miss out on the chance to be inspired at the Columbus Zoo with one of its many unique and memorable close-up experiences. Give the kids something to talk about for months as they hand-feed a giraffe, ride a camel or hop around with kangaroos. The Columbus Zoo is definitely a place to make lasting memories for the family.

Polar Frontier - Columbus Zoo

5. Experience a Sugar High 

Now the best part: the weekend treats. Luckily for you, sweet treats happen to be somewhat of our specialty here in Dublin, with opportunities galore to consume copious amounts of ice cream, cupcakes or equally enviable confectionaries. Check out some great coupon options at Graeter’s Ice Cream and Kilwins, two local favorites for everything succulent.

Ice Cream in Dublin

6. Embrace their Inner Athlete

Is there a baseball fan in the family? Don’t miss the chance to take a very unique tour through the Phoenix Bats factory, the birthplace of some of the best baseball bats in the world. Gaze upon the tools that may one day be responsible for the game-winning home run of the World Series. Better yet, your kids walk away from the tour with an engraved mini bat to show off to all their friends.

7. Learn About Ohio Together

Quality time is nurtured by conversation, so make sure you have lots to talk about! Taking a little historical stroll through the Ohio History Center not only provides plenty of food for thought, but is a nice reminder of where we come from, and how amazing Ohio really is. 

Come home refreshed and reconnected as a family, full of new memories to carry you through the next year. They won’t be this little forever, so make it count when you’re on vacation with your kids!