Sometimes, when we are trying to think of something different to get for lunch during the work week (something WHOLEsome), we remember Whole Foods!  We were thrilled, a few years ago, that the largest natural and organic foods retailer in the nation decided to open a store in Dublin/Columbus. (It's especially nice having it just five minutes away from our offices.)

Whole Foods is such a great experience – not just to shop – but to enjoy a meal. My husband and I love to sit at the Italian bar and order a pasta, seafood, chicken or steak. (The chicken and polenta are delicious). Did you know that you can choose a bottle of wine and the server will serve it with your meal? Then you can take the rest of the bottle home (if there’s any left). Much more economical than buying individual glasses of wine.  We also like to stop by after church and enjoy breakfast at the French bar. Huge omelets, pancakes or eggs. Choose a pastry from the bakery to munch. Yummmmmmm.  Then, of course, there are the endless ready-to-eat options for weekday lunch runs. Salad bar. Soups. Pizza. Deli.  The toughest part is deciding. 

Whole foods is a fun destination for visitors, too. The store offers free tours for groups (when scheduled in advance) -- or you can just wander through on your own, sampling as you go.  The first time you visit, you are likely to be in awe of the 300+ cheeses, 1,800 wines, fresh fruit and veggie options, fresh seafood (flown in 6 days per week), hand dipped gelatos, sushi bar and artisan bakery creations. But that's not all. Whole Foods offers cooking classes and great events--like the popular "Friday Five After Five."  For just $5, you can sample 5 different wines along with food samples. (Save your wine glass to use again and you only have to pay $4 next time. Such a deal!!!)

The store even offers children's cooking classes and events. It's one of those place you feel better just visiting.  Next time you're in Dublin, check out Whole Foods.

-Post by Kay