Yesterday, I took advantage of the last few nice days of fall and wandered down the streets of Historic Dublin, window shopping leisurely.  I peeked into the window of Sugar Inc., a little shop that offers 100% organic cupcakes (along with tea, coffee, salads, smoothies, and more).

The devil on my shoulder told me to go in.  His flip said “No! You need to lose a few pounds before the holidays... stay out!" I was debating the two sides in my head when I spied them - little mini cupcakes, just the right size for me and looking delicious. In I went. 


There was key lime, pumpkin spice, chocolate (with two kinds of icing!) and buckeyes.  So much to choose from! There are even Thanksgiving-themed turkey cupcakes (they look like turkeys, they don't taste like turkeys). I asked Ava, the owner of Sugar Inc., and she suggested pumpkin spice.    As I walked back to the office, eating my pumpkin spice cupcake, I thought to myself, "Irish is an Attitude, but a little bit of Irish in my tummy is yummy."

- post by Andi

Sugar Inc. is open Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. and Sundays for private parties. The shop is located at 36 N. High St. in Historic Dublin.