Sigh. The busy summer travel season has come to a close again. Wait. Let me say that again … the busy summer travel season has come to a close again. Back in the day, that meant you had to wait another year until vacation rolled around again. But it’s a brand new day! Take it from a die-hard traveler, there couldn’t be a better time to take a getawaythan Fall. Why, you ask?Dublin Ohio Fall Getaways

1)      We’ve got your color. Ohio is showcasing its auburn leaves, orange pumpkins, golden sunsets and amber waves of grain (or corn or soybeans). There are hayrides, apple picking, pumpkin patches and ghost tours awaiting. The temperatures are cooler, the bonfires are warmer. Now is the time to stop and catch your breath.   Hint: (the website for the Ohio Division of Tourism) offers a Fall Color Report, an Autumn Adventures section and a myriad of fun events happening all over the Buckeye State.   

2)      Great rates. With the kids back in school and folks back to their fall routine, there are plenty of great hotel rates and packages to be found, making it possible for you to visit the same places you were considering a month ago … at a fraction of the price! Competition is fierce for your travel dollar at this time of year.   Hint:  Search online for great deals. Don’t forget to visit the Convention & Visitors Bureau websites of your destination—where you’re likely to find great, exclusive deals like the Dublin CVB's Fall Getaway Package (which offers discounted passes to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and COSI Columbus).

3)      No Crowds.  Call me crazy, but I love to explore a Zoo, museum, shopping mall and other attractions when I don’t have to wait in long lines, get bumped by people around me or herded in mass crowds like sheep.  You, too? Then Fall could be your magic travel season, as well.  Hint: Mondays are usually one of the “lightest traffic days” at attractions, museums, etc. If you are going on the weekend, start early and arrive when the gates open to get a jump on the crowds. Check attraction calendars for special events.

4)      FOOTBALL!  At risk of contradicting what I just said about crowds, I have to admit that there are those rare occasions where you WANT to be part of a large crowd … like a college Football Game!  There’s something about being packed into a stadium like sardines, all dressed in your team colors and screaming GO BUCKS! (Or whatever your lesser team of choice might be : - )  Hint:  Check for online packages that cater to fans. For example, our OSU Football Getaway offers a choice of discounted hotels and team related goodies. (Tickets not included.)

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~Post by Mary