Be Mine. True Love. Sweet Talk.  Remember those little candy "conversation" hearts with words on them that you used to get (or give) for Valentine's Day? I loved those.   I have distinct grade school memories of decorating oatmeal boxes or gigantic white envelopes with hearts and lining them up along the chalkboard and just anticipating what I might discover in my mailbox after the 4th grade Valentine's Day party.  A valentine from "the cute kid" with a box of hearts attached made me feel like Cinderella.  Ahhh, youth. 

I admit, as we girls get older, our expectations increase. That might explain my swooning earlier this week while posting the Dublin (OH) Valentine's packages on our Web site. I have to say I was impressed with the imagination our hotel partners invested in creating these packages.  White knights (or Prince Charmings) can sweep their princesses away with a luxurious hotel getaway including Champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and a full breakfast.  Irish gentlemen can carry off their fair-haired lasses to a private suite complete with cozy fireplace, and give her a basket filled with Irish goodies like chocolates, gourmet cheese and crackers, a candle and Bailey’s Irish Crème. Other packages include a romantic dinner for two or roses. What could be easier? The work is all done. She'll love it.  And the best part? The great rates. (Check it out.) Now, that alone is worth is worth making her feel like Cinderella for a day, right?  Heck, we''ll even throw in a box of conversation hearts.

-Post by Mary