Is cabin fever getting the best of you this (extra) cold and (not so) lovely Januarylion-in-snow? Me, too … but I have a few “beat the blues” tactics in my arsenal that I thought I’d share. Bring your camera, the kids and come with me on a virtual adventure … a perfect January day in Dublin, Ohio!


First stop… La Chatelaine French Bakery in Historic Dublin. If you get there first, you might want to enjoy the signature quiche, fruit and coffee. I’m going to grab an almond croissant and a hot tea to go. (Sorry, not a morning person.)


#2. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. We’re HUGE fans of the Columbus Zoo. It’s like visiting an entirely new planet, just five minutes away. As a bonus, visitors get half-price admission tickets through March 1, 2009. (Am I your new BFF, or what?) Let’s head for a simulated night hike at Bob and Evelyn’s Roadhouse (Australia region), then go to my fav: Manatee Coast; wander over to the calming 100,000 aquarium in the Shores region; then to the Islands of Southeast Asia and to pet the barnyard animals of Habitat Hollow in the North America exhibit. A little hand sanitizer and we’re off to our next stop.


#3 Morgan House. Just across the river, we’ll visit the Morgan House. We can warm up with a bowl of the signature chowder or a sandwich by the roaring fire. The old-fashioned-girl in me loves the furnishings and legend behind this place. (Confederate General John Morgan slept here … sort of.) The hip chick in me loves the jewelry, clothes, seasonal décor, gourmet foods and great gift items.


#4 I’m going to give you a quick driving tour by a few of the Dublin Arts Council’s Art-in-Public Places. There’s the Tribute to Jack Nicklaus sculpture (for his contributions to Dublin) and our funky Field of Corn (109 ears of 5-6 ft. concrete corn!). Scioto Park is home to the 12 ft. high stone face of “Leatherlips.” I hope you brought your sled (and wore your boots), cause we’re going to ride this awesome hill all the way to the Scioto River! Go ahead … age before beauty.


#5 Let’s shop Filene’s Basement and DSW for stylish (discounted) clothes and shoes; visit Whole Foods for some fresh produce, tulips (my favorite blooms) and delicious samples; and then head to the Shoppes at River Ridge—for jewelry and purses at Audacious, Bliss and more. (Note: Let’s schedule a date to come back soon when the Wine Loft and Montgomery Inn are open.)


#6 Historic Dublin. Let’s pick up a copy of the walking tour at the Visitor Center, highlighting the many charming buildings on the National Registry of Historic Places. Next stop, TehKu Tea Company for a hot cup of one of their 60+ world teas (red, black, green) and some hot scones. When in Dublin (OH), you’re Irish—so we’ll visit Ha’penny Bridge Imports of Ireland for some souvenirs (for you). Then we’ll visit Blankets and Booties for cute baby stuff, Z Bearlas for great gifts, Temptations for fine yarns (I’m a novice knitter). We’ll decorate our own cupcakes at the Our Cupcakery cupcake bar; pick up some Buckeye Crunch and Irish mint brownies at Sisters Sweetshop/Grandma's Fruitcakes and enjoy a blast-from-the-past with treats from MJs Candies. Isn’t this fun?


#7 Irish Attitude. You can’t leave the city where “Irish is an Attitude” without a little Irish cheer. We’ll end our afternoon at Dublin Village Tavern (sample an Irish egg roll)… and/or The Brazenhead Irish Pub (authentic Irish setting).    


I feel better already. How about you?



-Post by Mary