It was cold outside but we didn't let that stop us from having a great time last weekend at Boo at the Zoo at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.  Our family and friends knew we were in for some fun when we first walked into the ticketing and entrance area. 

Halloween music and a large inflatable pumpkin greeted us as we walked into the Zoo. Zoo employees had not only maps of the grounds, but a special guide listing all the treat stations and special appearances for the day.  We wandered up to Asia Quest to go see the baby Silver Langur monkey.  They are born bright orange but this baby is almost all grown-up as only his tail is still orange.  See if you can spot him holding on to his mother or dad as they jump around the exhibit!

Our friends from out of town had never seen a baby elephant, so we went over to the Pachyderm building to see Beco.  He was inside with Phoebe (his mom) and they kept tossing straw at each other.  It was a great place to warm everyone up and the windows were low enough so that the kids had no trouble seeing him as well.

The tigers were a little sleepy -- who isn't on a cold afternoon? -- and just wanted to nap.  A treat station was right by the viewing window and the kids really had fun "Trick-or-Treating" at the Zoo.  One of our gang is dressing up as a vampire this year so we couldn't miss the Giant Fruit Bats (latin name:Pteropus vampyrus!) and Fluffy, a huge python.  The lions were out prowling around their exhibit.  It was fun to be over by the penguins and still be able to hear his mighty roar every once in a while! 

We really warmed up in the Dark building in Australia.  Make sure you go all the way through the dark area (more bats!) to reach the tropical rainforest section at the end.  There was a woodcarver working with his chainsaw making a sculpture too!

We then walked our way back out to the Entrance and were enjoying a fresh hot funnel cake when Spiderman and friends came by on a golf cart parade!  What a fun afternoon at the Zoo!   - posted by Katie