I’m not from Dublin, nor do I live in Dublin. I work in Dublin and I play in Dublin… eat, shop and attend special events in Dublin. But nope, not a resident… I don’t have kids that go to school in Dublin (well I don’t have kids, period) For me, none of this matters.

I love Dublin.

The friendly people, pristine environment, quaint shops, and goodness I do love those stacked stone walls lining the roads. Of course, working for the Dublin CVB might make me a little biased, but through this job I’ve been fortunate enough to discover the superb meeting sites and attractions in this City.

For those that do call Dublin home, you probably aren’t stepping into Dublin hotels on a frequent basis. Did you know that Dublin has 15 hotels with over 2,000 hotel rooms? This City hosts a variety of conferences, weddings, reunions and sporting tournaments all throughout the year. Several of our hotels are nationally ranked in the top 10 of their distinctive brands for service and quality. Visitors from all over the U.S. check in and out of those hotel lobbies daily.

That’s why I am inviting Dubliners, local and abroad, to help bring more visitors to Dublin. You’ll help make the City an even better place to live and get rewarded for your efforts.

What do meetings mean to the City of Dublin?

The economic impact of a meeting or function in Dublin reaches far and wide. Meeting and event attendees who stay at Dublin’s hotels spend money directly in the City on dining, transportation and entertainment. Here are just some of the things that are funded (at least in part) by the City’s bed tax:

How can I help? It's easy. Do you go to any conferences? Just let the Dublin CVB know. Typically referrers are professionals actively involved in government agencies, medical associations, or hobby and religious groups on either a state or national level. Bring your event home to Dublin instead of traveling to Cincinnati or Seattle. You don't have to be your organization's decision-maker or meeting planner.

Even if you are planning a wedding or reunion you can still enter.

You can stay involved throughout the bid, if you choose. Having local influence during the selection process has proven to help the city be chosen. Open your group's eyes to Dublin and we will try our best to bring them here.

What do I win? Every month, those who submit a qualified lead will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate to the Brazenhead Irish Pub & Restaurant.  If the lead you submit is booked at one of our 15 Dublin hotels, you could receive our Grand Prize– A free weekend stay at Old Man’s Cave Chalets in the beautiful Hocking Hills. With more than 10,000 acres of deep forests, hidden trails, soaring cliffs, and sheltering caves, Hocking Hills offers some of the most unique outdoor attractions in Ohio.   Want to learn more?