This Saturday marks one of my kids' favorite events of the summer.  It's the Annual Dublin Kiwanis Frog Jump!  Starting at 10 a.m. at Coffman Park, frog-jumpthere will be all kinds of amphibious excitement going on.  Are you a first-timer at this unique event? Okay.

1) First, stop at the ticket tent to buy your chance to compete with a frog.  For the younger set, they have "everyone wins" rounds, and for the older kids, there are competitive heats. 

2) Your next stop will be to choose your frog.  Choose wisely.  My youngest likes a big frog because then they only have to jump once or twice to win while the older child prefers the smallest frog possible because they "like to jump a lot!"  It's a blast to watch these kids try to motivate the frogs to move because they aren't allowed to touch them.  So, the kids will blow on them, pound the ground behind them, whistle and do all kinds of crazy moves just to make the frog jump. 

3) Have your camera ready!  After your race, the frog must be returned to the resting zone where it won't be raced for awhile. (Yes, all frog-competitors are returned to the wild where they were caught.) 

In addition, inflatables and bounce castles are also available for the kids and there are plenty of refreshments for purchase. Don't miss this local event! 

-Post by Katie