This guest post comes from Jaclyn Reynolds, Public Relations and Social Media Manager at COSI Columbus. One of my favorite things about working at COSI Columbus is getting to see the new exhibitions and learning something new every day!  This past weekend, we opened our WATER exhibition.  It always surprises me how these exhibits arrive in lots of crates and boxes and two weeks later become gorgeous exhibitions. 

The exhibit celebrates, explores and teaches all about water.  Through hands-on activities, videos and fun things to walk through (like a water vapor curtain and a canyon), you learn about the different properties of water and how parts of our planet get along with too much water or too little water.  Did you know that the earth is 70% water?  That’s why they call it the “blue planet!”

The exhibit seems fitting with tomorrow’s celebration of World Water Day!  That is a day set aside by the United Nations to promote clean water and sustainable aquatic habits.  In celebration of that, our friends at Whole Foods Market in Dublin are donating 5% of all sales to COSI on Thursday, March 22, between 8 a.m.-10 p.m.  Plus, Whole Foods Market will have a scavenger hunt to explain how much water is in food and completing it could mean a discount for COSI admission so you can come see us and the WATER exhibition.   

We’re thankful for all of the support from the community for our WATER exhibition and to our friends at Whole Foods for their generosity.  We hope to see you at COSI soon!

~Post by Jaclyn Reynolds, Public Relations and Social Media Manager at COSI Columbus. To learn more about COSI or the limited engagement of WATER (March 17-September 3, 2012) visit   

Note: The Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau offers 14 hotels just minutes from COSI and downtown Columbus (many which offer discounted tickets to COSI and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium). For more information about getaway packages, visit or call 800/245-8387.