Hope you all have had a great summer so far, I know ours has been busy, but we're having a lot of fun! This Sunday is the last Sunday at SSundays at Sciotocioto concert featuring British Invasion -- a British Pop/Rock Band. If you haven't been to a concert yet, do try this last one. This is one of the most popular groups—so plan on arriving early, and carpool if at all possible.

We like to sit in the shady area at the top of the hill -- far away enough so that the kids can run around and not bother the serious listeners, but yet close enough that we get to enjoy the music as well. If you arrive early, kids can enjoy the playground area down by the river to run off some steam before you enjoy your picnic and the music.

Another great family activity is to go to the Columbus Zoo on Wednesday nights. They are open 'til 8 and each week has a different sponsor. We love to have a later dinner and take it out to the River's Edge Water Park area. It's a beautiful site right on the river and there are plenty of tables. You can also usually hear the gibbons becoming more vocal as the heat goes down and be sure to look for the catfish at the edge of the river. They're huge!

-Post by Katie