Trying to figure out what to do for your family reunion this summer?

Entertaining the toddlers, pre-teens, adults and everyone in between is no easy task. Common issues arise such as; Who's bringing the potato salad? Uncle Larry is not going to want to sit in the heat. How long will everyone have to travel?

Here at the Dublin CVB, we believe summer is a time to slow down and have some fun. Check out our Planner Toolkit and see why Dublin is so great to hold a gathering (apart from our immense Irish Attitude) the Bureau's Free Services help you find the right places to hold your reunion -- perhaps one of our 52 accredited parks or our Riverbox/Geocaching adventure will suit you?

The Dublin CVB has about 30 experiences* that groups can enjoy. Our Irish activities bring out the ‘Irish Attitude’ in visitors and our local partner attractions.

The City also has great multi-cultural attractions that we want families to do if a wee bit o’ Ireland isn’t right for them.

The Dublin CVB’s new ‘Around the World in Dublin, Ohio’ experiences offer a behind-the-scenes look, taste, touch and smell of various cultures and regions. Did you miss our 'Big Group Fun' blog post?  These custom activities, like the tour of Ohio's only professional bat maker, also provide new ways for local reunion planners to experience Dublin and show off their hometown to family members. Learn how Dublin locals can Bring an Event Home and Win a Weekend Getaway.

But don't just take our word for it. Read the story of the O’Reilly Clan featured in the latest issue of Reunions Magazine. They had their first combined reunion in Dublin, Ohio last August. Although they did not take advantage of the tourism programs, they did center their reunion around the Dublin Irish Festival. 

Here's a clip of what the Rockford, Illinois planner had to say:

“I wish every family could experience having a reunion in Dublin.” Tim Reilly said. “70 year old men were hugging and kissing me because it was the grandest affair they had ever attended. The atmosphere in Dublin, Ohio is special. We were a part of the whole celebration. Everywhere we went we felt special.”

*Most tourism programs are available exclusively to groups staying at one of Dublin’s 14 hotels.

To learn more contact Allison Potter: Twitter: @alli_DublinCVB 614-792-7666