It's true! Summer is ending soon, and we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to make that much-needed break from reality. To help you plan your weekend in Dublin, here are five tips to ensure that your time here will not only be soulfully saturating but also affordable, memorable and repeatable. 

1. Nature is Free. Use it!
Not only is a walk, hike or run good for rejuvenation of the spirit, but it’s easy on the bank account. That’s what we love about Dublin’s backyard- it’s practically begging to be explored. Go for a run, walk the Dublin Link or even embark on a waterfall tour of Dublin to connect back with nature and exercise. Whether it’s a family trip, a couples escape or a solo reconnect, let nature do what it does best.

Indian Run Falls Photo

2. Fill Your Belly and Save

Food seems to be a direct portal to the contentment of the soul, so it’s important to nourish yourself and eat well. However, we know that finding good food at reasonable prices can be frustrating. Luckily for all you foodies out there, Dublin is chock-full of dining deals that will leave you fully satiated at a fair price. Don't forget about happy hour! Sip on a discounted drink while walking through Downtown Dublin's DORA. Eat well, and don’t feel bad about it.

Mezzo Patio


3. We Know it’s There- Tap Into that Creative Genius.

Most of the time, the best memories are made with a little bit of creative ingenuity. Doing something new doesn’t have to be expensive; its uniqueness will make it rich in value. Take the family to find Riverboxes hidden throughout our parks (they’re filled with treasures from our local artists and are found along the banks of the Scioto River!). We can help with some inspiration by providing a link to some of the entertainment deals currently on offer, so use it to come up with some creative ideas that won’t break the bank. 

4. Find the Mysterious Fairies        

The community of Dublin is overflowing with creativity and passion and has magically concocted activities for residents and guests to experience the charm of the city without spending a lot of money. One such activity is the Irish Fairy Door Trail, a whimsical journey through the streets and shops to find 12 tiny fairy doors and their resident fairies. Great for the family or anyone looking to connect with their inner child. Download the trail guide here or pick one up at the starting point, the Dublin Visitor Information Center.

Two kids search for Irish Fairy Doors in a shop

5. Saturday Markets Until the End of September

Head to Bridge Park every Saturday until September 25th to experience the Dublin Market from 9 AM to 12 PM, rain or shine. Sample locally-grown produce, peruse unique craftsmanship and enjoy live entertainment without the pressure to spend too much. This is a kid-friendly event, so don’t be shy to bring the whole family! To learn more about how to plan a day at the market, click here.

Family walking the streets of Historic Dublin, Ohio

Moral of the story- don’t stress about spending money to make memories. Go with your gut, use a bit of guided creativity and be spontaneous on your next weekend away.

Share your memories with us using #SoDublin, and click here for more things to do in Dublin.