I’m the type of person that craves ice cream in the winter, but nothing beats satisfying your sweet tooth during the hot months of summer. Dublin Ohio has several options for your palate to beat the heat, but I highly recommend you make room for the new “cool” kid on the block-- Menchie’s.

Menchie’s is a do-it-yourself frozen yogurt bar that’s just as tasty as it is fun. Just follow the 4-step rules: 1. Mix 2. Weigh 3. Pay 4. Yumm!

Pretty easy. You’re in charge of your own Menchie’s destiny and with over 100 flavor combinations there are plenty of paths you can take! Don’t worry though, you get to sample the available flavors.

I tried Strawberry Shortcake, Coffee, Pina Colada, and Georgia Peach before I settled on a dynamic duo--Pistachio and Peanut Butter Gold. They change the flavors almost every day so there is always something new to try. I can’t wait for their Irish Mint!

You can mix and match more than just your fro-yo. Add in some toppings like bananas and kiwi or cave into your chocolate craving with fudge brownie pieces and mini caramel cups.

One thing I like about the 4-step rule is that Menchie’s doesn’t charge you per topping. When you are finished creating your Menchie masterpiece just plop it on the weight scale. You are charged per ounce.

You will also feel good about plopping yourself on the scale when you eat Menchie’s. All of their frozen yogurt is non-fat or low-fat and they feature live and active cultures as required by the National Yogurt Association. Choose from low carb, no sugar added and dairy free options too.

Menchie’s sleek and vibrant environment is a friendly place to take children or grab dessert after a dinner date. Looking for a party venue? They have a special event room for 20-25 people that’s perfect for birthday parties or to celebrate a team’s winning season.

Menchie’s Sawmill 7545 Sawmill Rd. Dublin, OH 43016 614-339-5656 Hours: Sun-Thurs: 11 a.m- 10 p.m. Fri-Sat: 11 a.m.- 11 p.m. www.menchies.com

-Post by Allison