Some of my fondest fall memories growing up are of playing in the leaves.  There is something magical about the warm colors covering the ground and the crunch under your feet.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve felt the aches and pains that follow raking a yard of leaves.  But unlike most landscaping chores, this one “leaves” you with a pile of potential fun at the end (pun intended).  Here are just a few activities you can do with leaves to add to your fall fun this year:

  • Create a centerpiece (for thanksgiving) – All you need is a mason jar or clear glass container, a few colorful leaves, and some Mod Podge!  Set them out as decorations, or use them as candle holders! Bonus: great gift idea for the holidays.
  • Do a leaf rubbing – This one’s a fall classic.  Place a piece of paper on top of your leaf or leaves and rub a crayon or colored pencil on its side where the leaf is.  Play around with different shapes and sizes of leaves and colors of crayons/pencils.  Before you know it, you’ll have some fridge-worthy art!
  • Play hide-and-go seek – You’ll probably need A LOT of leaves for this one.  Rake them into as many piles as you can (make sure they are big enough for a person to hide in) and grab a few friends to play.  Have the “it” person count to 100 as everyone else chooses a pile to hide in.  The first person found becomes “it.”  Want to make it harder?  Spread the piles out over a larger area or multiple yards (with permission, of course).

  • Use them as canvases – Tired of paper? Try drawing or painting on leaves instead!  Play around with different utensils and designs for a unique craft that’s both fun and easy.

  • Make a maze – before your rake all those leaves into piles, create a labyrinth and challenge your friends.  For some added fun and excitement you could play a game of real-life Pacman!  Click here for rules on how to play (substitute leaves for chalk lines).

What’s your favorite fall activity or craft with leaves?  Comment or share a picture below, we’d love to see them!