Every mother asks herself the same question, after the gifts have all been opened and zookids4enthusiasm for the new stuff has waned:  What to do with the kids over Holiday Break?

If your family is like mine, after the big holiday is over, the walls start closing in on us and we need to get out!  That's when we often head to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.  While Wildlights is great fun at nighttime, don't overlook the many indoor buildings that have programs throughout the day.

We like to watch the BIG bats in Asia Quest and then go over to see the elephants.  Usually the kids are more interested in trying to spot the birds that coexist in the elephant building instead of actually watching the elephants and Rhinos!  If it has snowed recently, see if the bears and moose are playing outside -- if not, try Habitat Hollow to warm up and do kids activities.

Another family activity we enjoy is going to the movies at the Dublin AMC Theatres on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Before noon all movie admissions are $4!  It's a great low-cost way to see the latest releases.

The most budget friendly activity is to take a walk.  We have such wonderful parks here in Dublin, OH and most are open all year round.  Have you seen the waterfalls behind the Library yet?  Watched the snow fall from the big trees at Glacier Ridge?  Their woodland trail is our favorite because it's out of the wind and we usually see lots of wildlife. Tell us about your Dublin family fun over the Holiday Break!