As the leaves change, so do our weekend priorities. If you are as crazed a football fan as my fellow coworkers, friends and basically everyone I come across with in Columbus, you will understand that Saturday is not the day for raking those orange and red leaves. No, Saturday is the day for college football.

Living here in the Capital City, I have an advantage of wandering to Lane Avenue donning necklaces made of poisonous nuts and sporting a scarlet and gray shirt.

As an Ohio State alumnus, I have perfected my season ticket holder status and have become quite the tail-gaiting aficionado.

Thanks Bachelor’s Degree!

I understand that to be a Buckeye fan does not mean you need to live in Central Ohio. We have Buckeyes all over the nation, the world, the universe! Ok, I’ll calm down. I'll also let you in on a secret...

A part of my duty here at the Bureau is to celebrate all-things-Irish, but here in Dublin we have just as much Buckeye Spirit in our soul as Irish Attitude.

For you see, being so close to Ohio State’s campus (approximately 15 minutes) Dublin has become the hotel choice for the visiting teams and their families.

“Ick!” You might be saying to yourself, “I don’t want to stay in the same hotel as those Wisconsin Badgers!”

No worries, dear Buckeye fan. We have 14 hotels to choose from in this fine City and several are offering special packages to accommodate your basic survival needs. Like providing our favorite candy Buckeye treats, indoor swimming pools, complimentary breakfast, flat screen TV’s, hotel bar or restaurant, and free parking.

So if you’re a Buckeye fan traveling to the game or the visitor rooting for the “other” team, take advantage of the upscale facilities, affordability and convenience Dublin provides.

Check out our Ohio State Football Getaway Packages to select your hotel and save even more money with our Dublin Discounts.

Feel free to call me at 614-792-7666 to answer any of your OSU football travel needs.

OH!... Dublin!


Upcoming home games:

Nov. 5 (vs Indiana) -- 12 p.m. Nov. 19 (vs Penn State) -- TBA

-Post by Allison