*This is the first post of our new, monthly profile series that will highlight local businesses (and partners of the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau) in the Dublin area. 

Q & A with Lori Crock of MovNat Ohio


1. What is the practice of MovNat?

MovNat is moving naturally the way the human body is intended to move by walking, running, jumping, climbing, balancing, lifting, carrying, throwing and catching. Through the practice of MovNat, you become naturally, “all-over fit.” We teach safe and efficient movement progressions with training at our studio in Historic Dublin and outdoors at nearby Dublin parks.

Log jumps Log jumps

2. How did you become familiar with this concept?

I read about MovNat on a friend’s blog and then attended a week-long MovNat workshop in a beautiful area of the mountains in West Virginia a couple years ago. After attending a couple more single day workshops, I began working with MovNat, LLC. as a communication consultant. Then, I founded MovNat Ohio with my business partner, Jeff Turner, after we became certified to teach MovNat. MovNat Ohio is the first MovNat Affiliate Gym in the world.

3. What different programs do you offer?

We offer a new program called Ultimate X-Training that includes MovNat, Kettlebells, TRX, body resistance exercise and weight-lifting, both indoors and outdoors - our system is all about “Fitness Freedom.” We provide fitness coaching in personal and small group sessions to people of all ages, skill levels and athletic abilities, including pre- and post-physical therapy. To fit our client’s busy schedules, we also offer online fitness and food coaching.

We host team-building workshops for sports teams and corporate organizations and we present a Lunch-and-Learn series called Fitness, Food and Fitting it Into a Busy Life. We also design custom fitness programs for Brides, through our Primal Bride program.

Creek Jump Creek Jump

4. Describe some of the movements performed in a typical session.

For example, during a MovNat session we may teach people variations of jumping -- on the ground, onto boxes, logs, whatever the environment presents, indoors and outdoors. Then we would walk them through the progressions focusing on efficiency of jumping form to progress our trainees to a high level of proficiency and they become very fit in the process.

Another example of a movement we teach is climbing. We have a custom climbing unit in the studio and teach people how to climb and in the process and again, they can achieve a high degree of physical conditioning while having fun learning a new skill.

We may also include kettlebell swings, a run, and maybe a lifting component … it really depends who’s in front of us, goals, and the challenge presented by the environment.

5. Do you have any upcoming programs scheduled?

Lori using kettlebells Lori using kettlebells

We kick off our new series of classes -- Ultimate X-Training, Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m., starting Jan. 15th. We will also have a Saturday at 9 a.m. class. The first two weeks of classes are free, but advance registration is required on our website.

We also offer a fun and very personalized Train-with-the-Trainer (we’ll be training along with you),on Tue. and Thu. at 6 a.m. with personal training attention for a special price.

We present a 4-hour Learn-to-Lift Workshop (Weights, Kettlebells, and other cool stuff) on Sat. Feb. 16, from 9-1, with a focus on teaching beginner and intermediate adults safe movement with good form. We are offering a MovNat Fundamentals Workshop that is a 1-day intensive, 10-4, on Saturday, March 9th.

*6. Is there any additional information you'd like to share?

We are a teaching fitness studio - not a bootcamp studio - and we believe in providing people with a solid foundation of knowledge about how to lift heavy stuff, move, get fit and be active to fit their life and achieve their very personal goals. We believe that fitness has to be simple, practical and sustainable - check us out at www.movnatohio.com

MovNat Ohio is located at 54 S. High Street in Historic Dublin. 

~ Post by Dawn