March is always considered a lucky month in Dublin, Ohio--but this year one lucky visitor just might find that proverbial pot 'o gold.

Ha’penny Bridge Imports of Ireland (located in Historic Dublin, Ohio) is partnering with CIE Tours International to host a chance for a lucky winner and his/her guest to travel to the Emerald Isle and experience the wonders of Ireland.

The process includes two drawings. The first drawing will be held at Ha’penny Bridge Imports of Ireland (at 3 p.m. on St. Patrick’s Day--March 17). The entry that is drawn will win a prize exclusively from the shop that includes:

• A framed copy of the Irish National Anthem • An Ireland Street Sign • A decorative map of old Ireland

This local winner will then be placed into the final drawing during the North American Celtic Trade Association’s annual tradeshow in April. As guests of CIE Tours International, the “Home to Ireland” winner will enjoy an 8-day luxury coach tour, which will take them to Dublin, Waterford, Cork and Killarney stopping along the way to experience the rich history and beauty of Ireland.

“Ireland has so much to offer its visitors whether they are Irish or not!  From the welcoming nature of the Irish people to the breathtaking landscape, the music and the charm,” commented shop owner Anne Gleine. “Ireland is a warm and magical place, and that’s why I jumped at the chance to help co-sponsor this lovely trip.”

No purchase is necessary (some restrictions apply).  Just visit the shop at 75 S. High St. in  Historic Dublin and enter to win.

-Post by Allison