If you are like us, you never missed an OSU Buckeye Football Saturday prior to having children. You've been waiting for years for your kids to be old enough to sit through (most of) the game -- and now that time has arrived!  My husband and son enjoyed attending the game last week—so we thought we’d share a few tips for going to the game with kids. 

Get a good night's sleep before the big game.  A well rested child is a happy child--and one who is willing to climb to "C" deck!  If you are coming to Columbus from out of town, consider staying at one of our 15 hotels in Dublin. It’s quieter than staying on campus and we're only 15-20 minutes away from the stadium. (Plus, rates are great this time of year!) Dublin has 100+ restaurants—offering plenty of options for a quick bite before the game or a leisurely dinner afterwards … without the lines and the wait.

Arrive early on campus.  We like to park at the Gateway garage and take the shuttle which drops you close to the stadium.  Head over to St. John’s Arena and watch the "Skull" session (OSU Marching Band practice) or see the cheerleaders and Brutus Buckeye warming up the crowd in the grass area.  It's a great place to have your photo taken with them!

Line up on the sidewalk to watch the band march through into the stadium past the Jesse Owens Memorial—but be prepared for the scramble that follows as everyone hurries to their gate.  Remember that even numbered gates are on the east side and odd numbers are on the west. (You don't have to enter at the exact gate number of your ticket.) Have your tickets out and your bag ready to be searched—just to help make the lines go quickly.   

Purchase your treats and head to your seats! If your little one’s attention wanes between plays—you can play a game of “I Spy” by challenging them to look for the "hidden" cameramen taking video in the scoreboard, the State of Ohio flag or Brutus in the stadium.  It's like a huge, live game of "Where's Waldo?"

As you are leaving the stadium, don’t miss the Victory Bell ringing (on the East side near the "open" end).  Grab your shuttle which will drop you off right at Gateway and Long's (Barnes and Noble) bookstore so you can buy a momento to always remember that first Buckeye Game with your child. Have fun and Go Bucks!

-Post by Katie