(In the interest of helping Dublin, Ohio visitors find deals on kids meals and family friendly eateries, we are featuring a series of guest posts by Dawn Scheurle, creator of the popular site: www.kidseatout.com – “restaurant reviews from a mom’s point of view.”   This is part 4 in a 4 part series.)

We have almost finished our list of the best local eateries for families. As you've probably figured out (if you've been reading the previous posts on this subject), it isn't an easy task for a restaurant to make this list.  Not only does a restaurant have to be kid friendly and affordable, but it has to offer good nutritious food. That, in itself, is no easy feat.  Here are our final three ...

Max & Erma’s. Max & Erma’s has what it takes to make a family dinner out fun for everyone. They serve just about anything you want, welcome the kids, are very reasonably priced and have great hamburgers!  The atmosphere is fun and family friendly, but also grown-up, with a bar area, dark wood and brass tables and Tiffany type fixtures. The Dublin location has a nice patio overlooking the pond with ducks and geese to entertain the little ones eyes.  Did we mention the sundae bar?  What a fun way to end the meal!  (Although I personally prefer the warm chocolate chip cookies!) 

Chili's Grill & Bar. Everyone is welcome here.  It’s casual, it’s festive, colorful and fun and welcomes all ages.  The food is Tex-Mex and the bar is full of people watching sports on the TVs.  Three sides on the kids menu (corn, mandarin oranges and pineapple) have been added recently to the seven options it already had. We will warn you though--aside from the grilled chicken, the sides are the healthiest things you will find on the kids menu.   But, hey, we don’t go to Chili’s for their ‘light’ menu options so if we splurge once in a while, we think the kids can too!   They do offer nutritional information on all the kids meals on their web site. 

Uno Chicago Grill.  Uno’s has a "Chicago warehouse" look that is warm, busy and energetic.  Although a lot of people still only associate it with pizza, Uno's may surprise you with all the things on their menu.  Recently the restaurant chain began offering lighter, flatbread pizzas and a kids' menu that features grilled chicken, whole-grain penne and health-minded sides like broccoli, apples and mandarin oranges. Kids can even put on an apron and make their own pie using flatbread dough, sauce, cheese and toppings, which are brought to your table. Then the pizza is baked and returned with the rest of the family's order.  The atmosphere lends itself to energetic little munchkins.

So there it is.  I’m sure there is at least one thing you disagree with--or that I've missed one of your family’s favorite places.  To that I say GREAT!  Please leave a comment, idea, agreement or disagreement.  We would love to hear about more great places around Dublin, Ohio!

 -Guest post by Dawn Scheurle, creator of www.kidseatout.com