Unfortunately, fall color doesn't stick around forever. Take advantage of the cooler weather and gorgeous colors by exploring some of Dublin’s best public art pieces.  

Check out these 5 pieces of public art to see while finding fall color:  

Field of Corn  

Located at 4995 Rings Road 

Field of Corn Fall

Probably one of the most iconic works of public art in Dublin is the Field of Corn with Osage Orange Trees. This field of 109 ears of corn is the perfect place to snap a silly selfie while enjoying the changing colors of the Osage Orange Trees.  

Watch House  

Located at: 5200 Emerald Parkway 

Watch House Fall

What seems like a small shed in the middle of a field is actually one of 70 public art pieces that slowly reveal itself as you get closer. Surrounded by trees and right next to Indian Run Stream, Watch House is the perfect place to enjoy a fall afternoon. Keep your eyes peeled, on a sunny day, the shapes on the ceiling of Watch House reveal themselves to be a family enjoying a meal together.  

Daily Chores  

Located at: Corner of Bridge and High Street 

Daily Chores Fall

One of the most underrated places to find fall color is Downtown Dublin. Walk along the streets of Historic Dublin with a pumpkin coffee in hand and take in the changing trees that line the streets. Once you get to the corner of Bridge and High Street, have a seat and soak in the sound of running water that comes from Daily Chores, a piece that pays homage to the pump that served as a community gathering spot.  


Located at: 7377 Riverside Dr. 

Leatherlips public art installation in the fall

The first piece of public art in Dublin, Leatherlips is a unique, 12-foot-high stone portrait of the Wyandot leader, Leatherlips, in Scioto Park. Surrounded by fall foliage with great views of the Scioto River, you’ll find something new around every corner. 


Located at: 5200 Emerald Parkway 

Exuvia Fall

If you’re trying to enjoy the fall color while looking for public art, there’s no better piece to look for than Exuvia. Hidden in the treetops outside of the Dublin Community Recreation Center, Exuvia depicts a man climbing a tree to illustrate the whimsy and human connection to outdoor recreational spaces. His golden color makes it tricky to find amongst the golden leaves.  

While fall is an especially gorgeous time to discover Dublin’s Art in Public Places, these pieces are a sight to see any time of year.  

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