Working in the Historic District in Dublin is wonderful! Looking out my window I can see the leaves turning, school buses going by and listen to conversations from Jeni's ice cream eaters in the park next to our offices. Although Jeni's does make a great lunch destination (savory ice creams count, don't they?) -- some days I want something else.

Panera started their fall menu this week. That means the creamy vegetarian tomato bisque is back! Pair it with the mac and cheese or bacon turkey bravo for a lunch that will keep you going all afternoon. Order online, fax or call ahead for extra quick pickup. The Perimeter location even has parking spots dedicated for advance orders. When I need to make it back for a meeting, this can really save time.

Another time saver is Jimmy John's. Located in the Perimeter Shops (near BW3 and Kroger), this place always makes a tasty quick sandwich. My favorite is the Turkey Tom. Another co-worker loves the Beach Club. Nothing is too fancy, everything is priced right AND it is a great alternative to the drive-thru. Bonus: if you really can't leave the office, they will deliver just one sandwich!

Seasonal foods are always wonderful at Whole Foods. Their eat-in options are fast, healthy and quite diverse. My kids love their pizza by the slice and I love their salad bar. Different fresh ingredients that I can mix to create my own gourmet lunch. Whole Foods does have an eating area at the front of the store near the cash registers or you can take your lunch back to the office. Just don't forget to bring back something for your co-workers too!

What are your favorite quick lunch spots in Dublin?

-Post by Katie