Do you like treasure hunting, mysteries and puzzles? Enjoy being outdoors? Ever tried geocaching? (Do you even know what it Riverboxes- Dublin Ohio Arts Council means?) Dublin (OH) is a great place to start. The Dublin Arts Council's Riverboxes project (part of Ripple Effect: Artistic Impact of the Scioto River) was inspired by the popular pastime of letterboxing or geocaching-- where hobbyists tap their map-reading or GPS skills and combine them with a little artistic pursuit to embark on ‘treasure hunts’ in beautiful, scenic places. And it's fun for all ages!

Anxious to try it?  To be a true hobbyist, you should bring a personal journal and an ink stamp (either hand made or commercially produced), when searching for Riverbox locations.  Letterboxing/geocaching hobbyists often mark their journals with the ink stamps discovered at each location, and in turn, imprint the site’s journal with their own ink stamp. 

If the rain stops, now is a good time to hunt for the Riverboxes along the Scioto River. To find the location of the four Riverboxes, click on the following links: Riverbox of the Sun located at Dublin Arts Center, Vigilant Vegetation Riverbox located at Dublin Kiwanis Riverway Park,  Hidden Treasure Riverbox located at Donegal Cliffs and Big Turtle Riverbox located at Scioto Park ... and something to look forward to (big secret) three new ones are coming in late summer!  Good luck.

-Post by Kay