Dublin (OH) Irish Festival Dancers

Exciting day .. we're doing a trial run of one of our new Irish Experiences for group tours. (We love experiental travel. Helps make a trip more memorable-don't ya think?) Anyway, we've drafted members of our local Dublin, Ohio hotel sales teams and some meeting planner friends to be our guinea pigs. We'll be partnering with the folks at our Dublin Whole Foods. They've created this fun program that pairs samplings of Irish cheeses, butters, teas, etc. with a little education about the process of making these Irish products. Afterwards, we'll get them to do an evaluation.

We're in the second wave of these Irish experiences, developed initially for motorcoach groups. Since then, we've expanded these offerings to corporate groups, associations, meeting planners, spousal groups--and some even for leisure visitors.  People love 'em. We're having lots of fun with this.  People told us, "Your name is Dublin. We want more Irish." We listened (and still are).  We are not Dublin, Ireland. Don't pretend to be. Irish is an attitude here. 

We're always looking for new "Irish Experience" ideas.  Enlighten us. What kind of Irish experience would YOU like to do (in Dublin, Ohio)?