For those of you who love Gone With the Wind, now you have an opportunity to be a part of the magic yourself! On Sunday, August 14 from 1-5 p.m. the Kelton House will recreate the Twelve Oaks Barbeque from Margaret Mitchell's famous book. So take a step back with this live history event, and join the O'Hara family as they enjoy the hospitality of their neighbors, the Wilkes', at Twelve Oaks.

This event will set the scene for one of the most popular films ever made.Visitors will have the opportunity to wander the Kelton House and visit with Scarlett O'Hara, Ashley Wilkes, John Wilkes, Melanie Wilkes, India Wilkes and Mammy. Also, be sure to listen for Scarlett's "fiddle-dee-dee" as she begins her personal saga against the backdrop of the Civil War. Plus, you can experience firsthand Melanie Wilkes' sweet personality in the face of Scarlett's never-ending jealousy. There will be some other period characters wandering about too, including some discontent slaves, to make the day seem more realistic.

As a special treat Karen Stewart, a local member of the Gone With the Wind fan group, "Windies", will be on site with her extensive collection of memorabilia, reproduction costumes, and stores regarding the groups passion for the book as well as the movie.

Time: 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Cost: $5/ person general admission OR $20/ person general admission and barbeque dinner; $10/ children under 12; children under 6 are free -- reservations recommended.

Museum tours will be available throughout the day with no additional charge. This event is part of the Kelton House's Civil War Sesquicentennial Event that includes a series of lectures and activities throughout 2011 to commemorate the War.


~ Post by Lexi