This guest post was provided by Mark Holbrook, Marketing Manager of the Ohio Historical Society.

Anger and frustration, humor and beauty, camaraderie and death, victory and defeat. Just a few of the emotions a soldier experiences during times of war. As a life-long student of military history, I have come to appreciate the roller coaster existence of a soldier’s life. Whether 150 years ago during the Civil War, 70 years ago in World War II or today in Afghanistan and Iraq, our soldiers represent a group of Americans whose courage and dedication are to be admired and recognized. So, I am very excited that here at the Ohio History Center, we will do just that with the opening of The American Soldier: A Photographic Tribute From the Civil War to Iraq on July 1st.

I first learned of this exhibit from the curator, Cyma Rubin in 2008 when we featured her exhibit Capture the Moment: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs. Cyma explained to me then that she felt compelled to gather images of our soldiers to tell their stories through photographs. As I looked at the preliminary materials, following the photographs through every American conflict since war photography began, I was struck by the timelessness of the images. While the uniforms changed, you get a sense that these soldiers all came from the same experience. And perhaps that is true because soldiers come to their work for the same reasons: duty, honor, commitment. I am looking forward to going through the exhibit myself and seeing these images presented in near life-size to get the full impact of their stories.

Equally as moving for us as Ohioans are the three new exhibits we are opening on July 1st as well. Follow the Flag, an exhibit I have had the honor to work on myself, features the largest display of conserved Ohio Civil War battle flags, telling the stories of brave Buckeyes in Blue. Over Here, Over There and at Home: Ohioans in Time of War explores Ohio’s proud tradition of military service on the front and at home. Connecting to Your History is a hands-on experience where you can find ancestors and your place in Ohio’s past.

Admission: $5/ youth, $10/ adult, free for Ohio Historical Society members.

For more information call 614-297-2300 or visit

The Ohio Historical Society is located at 800 E. 17th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43211, just off of I-71 at exit 111. The Dublin CVB is proud to partner with this center of learning.