*This post was written by our friend Jaclyn Reynolds, PR & Social Media Manager of COSI Columbus

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Before we open a new exhibition here at COSI, we train our team members on the exhibition so they can be very helpful to our guests.  When we host a limited engagement exhibition like Mindbender Mansion and Amazing Mazes, you can probably guess that training involves a lot of playing in the exhibit.  And learning, of course!

I got a chance this week to poke my head in and see the exhibit.  Things are coming together really great.  Mindbender Mansion is ready to go and as I’m writing this, the Amazing Mazes portion is soon to follow.  See, we took Mindbender Mansion, which our friends at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) made, and combined it with a maze from our friends at Minotaur Mazes.  Mindbender Mansion features a lot of fun brain-teaser-type activities—both large and small--ranging from making six puzzle pieces into an octagon to making a balancing structure out of large nails to moving chairs on wheels to solve a puzzle.  The activities encourage teamwork but can also be fun to do on your own.   Amazing Mazes is a great addition because it takes that whole thought process of really challenging your brain even further with activities like climbing over an intricate web of ropes without getting tangled.  And did I mention there’s a really cool Prism Wall where you can create your own rainbow?  So fun.

Spelling Fever! Spelling Fever!

I usually like to go into new exhibits and check them out but I am oddly timid when it comes to jumping right in and trying out activities within an exhibit.  I went in with a goal of taking some “sneak peek” pictures but ended up playing one activity three times!  Being a former spelling bee enthusiast myself I was excited to practice my spelling without the crutch of spell check in Spelling Fever.  Even better?  This activity asks you a trivia question and you have to spell the answer!  Even better than all of that?  You have to jump to each letter to spell the word.  Trivia, spelling AND a mini-workout?  Yes, please!  The activity asked me what part of the body contains the cortex and cerebellum.  Luckily since we just hosted BODY WORLDS & the Brain, I knew the answer.  The challenge was jumping to all the different letters to spell B-R-A-I-N.

I also checked out Feeding Frenzy – a game that you work to get wooden food shapes onto trays which are feeding quickly on a conveyer belt!  Yikes!  That was tough.  Everyone told me this exhibit is a team sport but I am very competitive – even when I’m up against myself.

I’m really excited about Mindbender Mansion and Amazing Mazes coming to COSI.  I can imagine grandparents having fun with their grandkids, friends challenging their friends, parents laughing with their kids – it really is a fun exhibit for everyone.  I hope to see you there!  Most likely I’ll be hogging the Spelling Fever activity!

*Catch Mindbender Mansion & Amazing Mazes at COSI from January 26 to April 28! 

~ Post by Jaclyn