As you may have realized by now, we're big on "Irish Attitude" around here.  So, July was a good month.  Not only because Dublin was abuzz in winning-pic-web-versionpreparation for our world-famous Irish Festival--but we (the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau) were accepting submissions for our photography contest. So, every couple of days, new entries would land in my email box. Then I'd open them and smile. Really. Those images made my day(s).

We ended up with 51 entries, in all.  And they were exactly what we had hoped for. Beautiful scenic park shots.  Silly, toothy kid-grins. Snapshots of people having tons of fun at Dublin's St. Patrick's Day celebration, the Kiwanis Frog Jump or the Dublin Irish Festival. And that's just it--they were shots of people having fun!  The best part of the entire contest (for me) came after all of the final decisions had all been made by our judges. As I sat down to contact the winners, I discovered they were from all over ... Columbus, Dresden, Michigan, South Carolina, etc.  Like I said ... exactly what we had hoped for, when planning the contest.  These were visitors (and residents) who had snapped images of Dublin with their cameras while having fun here. Goofing around with their kids at an event. Taking in the quiet green serenity of one of our parks. Smiling for the camera with friends.  See for yourself-- check out the winners here.  We're hoping to repeat the contest next summer. So, be sure to bring your camera to Dublin on your next visit.  You just never know where you're going to find a little Irish attitude around here.

-Post by Mary