Request For Proposals

Regional & In-State Campaigns



The Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau is charged with attracting and serving visitors by communicating and facilitating the Dublin experience. The organization’s multi-faceted sales and marketing approach includes regional and statewide campaigns. The Bureau is searching for a marketing partner that will offer a strategic and creative approach based on sound research to create a campaign(s) to increase awareness of Dublin as a travel and tourism destination and attract overnight visitors.

Primary Objectives

- Raise awareness of Dublin as a destination in key regional markets (Pittsburgh, Detroit, Indianapolis, Charleston/Huntington) and encourage visitation.

- Increase visitation and raise awareness of Dublin as a destination in key statewide markets (Akron/Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati).

- Reaffirm key statewide markets and identify key messages, visuals, etc. that best sell the City of Dublin as a destination. Oversee research efforts as needed.

- Create a mechanism to measure and track results.

Campaign Parameters


- Regional Campaign: April 1 – August 31, 2019 (May be revised based on agency input)

- Statewide Campaign: Year-Round with focus on Shoulder Seasons (November-February)

  • Regional Markets: Tier 1: Detroit, Indianapolis; Tier 2: Pittsburgh, Charleston/ Huntington
  • Statewide Markets: Akron/Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati.


  • Regional Campaign: $130,000
  • Statewide Campaign: $43,000
  • Research: $10,000

(Includes all agency-related fees, creative, media buys, etc.)

Anticipated Deliverables

The following is an initial list of anticipated deliverables for the project. These deliverables may be revised after discussions with the selected vendor.

- Research

- Media Strategy

- Development of Creative Elements and key Messaging

- Established KPIs

Proposed Timetable

A.  RFP’s Distributed             May 21, 2018

B.  RFP’s Due                         June 29, 2018

C.  Oral Presentations             July 25-27, 2018 (Tentative Dates)

D.  Vendor Selected               July 27, 2018


Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is made up of 5-7 people including Bureau staff, Board of Directors, City of Dublin Representatives, attractions and other business or community leaders. This committee will be present during oral presentations and will make vendor selection.

Dublin CVB Background Materials

The following information is available from the Dublin CVB upon request. Visit our website for additional information –

Dublin CVB Contact

For additional information:

Scott Dring

Executive Director

Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau

9 S. High Street

Dublin, Ohio 43017

(614) 792-7666


Instructions for Submitting a Proposal for Preliminary Evaluation

Only written proposals will be given consideration.

An electronic copy should be sent to the attention of Scott Dring, Executive Director, Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau at

Proposals will be reviewed and a list of semi-finalists will be determined. These semi-finalists will be invited to make a formal presentation before the Bureau’s Selection Committee. They are asked to present samples of existing work, ideas and attitudes toward the handling of the account. Any presentation and preparation are at the expense of the consultant.

A concept summary is required and must contain the information listed below, in bullet format, using the following order. This is to ensure consistency among all the submitted proposals. In addition to this required summary, you are welcome to submit appropriate support materials.

Concept Summary Components:

Basic Information – Each Proposal must include a profile of the company’s capability, capacity, and relevant experience working on projects similar to this work.  The profile must also include the company’s legal name, address, telephone number; home office location; date established; ownership (such as public firm, partnership, or subsidiary); firm leadership (such as corporate officers or partners); number of employees; number of employees engaged in tasks directly related to the Work; and any other background information that will help the Bureau gauge the ability of the Company to fulfill the obligations of the Contract.

Related Experience – Each interested respondent should address their overall capabilities as they relate to their ability to lead the scope of work.

Industry Knowledge – Each party should provide in detail their experience as it relates to the tourism industry.

Outline – Each party should submit an outline of what the organization can expect as part of the proposal along with applicable timelines and a proposed action plan.

References – Each party must include at least three (3) references for which the company has successfully provided services on projects that were similar to this work. These references must relate to work that was completed within the past five (5) years.

Special Conditions

- The bid prices shall include all labor, materials, freight, taxes, insurance and expected travel reimbursements needed to cover work and manage the account.

- The Bureau maintains the right to use any material generated by the consultant and may do so without consultant consent or approval. The Bureau acknowledges certain legal constraints require universal releases unless cost consideration becomes prohibitive (such as model releases, music, photographs, etc.) and retains sole right to use materials created for the Bureau as it sees fit.

- The Bureau specifically reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

- The Bureau without invalidating agreement, may order changes in the work consisting of additions, modifications or deletions. The contract price and time of completion will be adjusted accordingly. The Executive Director shall authorize all changes in the work.

- The consultant shall hold harmless the Dublin CVB, its directors, representatives and employees from all suits, actions or claims of any character brought about because of any injuries or damages received or sustained by any person or persons employed or contracted by the consultant working on this contract.

- The Bureau acknowledges that information obtained from the bidders may be proprietary. Upon receipt and acceptance of any bid resulting from this request, the Bureau affirms confidentiality of all information contained in the bid document. Only duly appointed members of the Bureau staff shall have access to information and will treat information on a confidential basis.

- Proposals will not be considered from vendors who are currently involved in official financial reorganization or bankruptcy proceedings.


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