Bridge Park Fieldhouse

Proposed 150,000 Square Foot Multipurpose Athletic & Events Facility

Why Build It?

With continued population growth in Dublin and the region, local residents need additional recreation space for more athletic programming. The Bridge Park Fieldhouse would help to drive regional and national tourism to the City of Dublin that is currently restricted due to lack of facilities. The facility would allow the City of Dublin to leverage other assets to bring in large events and tournaments. There is no other venue in the marketplace that can host 5,000 person events. The Fieldhouse will be a source of pride for the community – keeping community events such as high school graduations in Dublin.

What Supports It?

The Bridge Park Fieldhouse would be supported by 3,050 existing parking spaces with an additional 1,650 spaces planned. In addition to these spaces, Wendy's International headquarters has 800 available spaces on weekends. Downtown Dublin has created a vibrant, walkable district that will attract sporting tournaments, tradeshows and other events. Those attending these events will need places to eat, shop, and stay while in the City of Dublin.