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Women Who Know : A Witch Play


England, 1600. In the remote Borough of Pendle dwells two matriarchs who are still practicing cunning women. Beth and Anne know the magic of Pendle’s lands and creatures, of the cosmos, and of feminine wisdom and bonds. They want to teach their daughters, but such knowledge is becoming too dangerous to have, to speak, to utilize. In 1612, both of their families are hanged for witchcraft. These women’s names are known to history only because they were murdered as witches. But what were their lives like? How did they navigate their increasingly misogynistic society? How did they fight back? 

  • When: Nov. 3-5
  • Ages: Recommended for ages 12 and up
  • Cost: $20

Women Who Know : A Witch Play
  • 5600 Post Road
  • Dublin, OH 43017
  • to
  • Dublin Community Recreation Center
  • Recurring daily