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Dwelling: A Snail's Journey

  • Address: 7125 Riverside Drive
  • Dublin, OH 43016


Three larger-than-life snails adorn the front lawn of the Dublin Arts Council building located at 7125 Riverside Drive, Dublin, Ohio. The artworks traveled from Milan, Italy where they were created by a group of six Italian-based artists known as Cracking Art. Formed in 1993, Cracking Art Group upholds a solid commitment to investigating social and environmental issues through the conception and creation of art.

Why snails?
According to Cracking Art, the snail is one of the most meaningful animals thanks to its regenerative properties that symbolize rebirth and improvement. The snail moves slowly and patiently, representing the importance of moving gradually and safely toward a target. Its “home,” or shell, is not only associated with domesticity but also with mass communication in Italy, as the Italian word for snail – chiocciola – is also the name used for the @ symbol. The helix of its shell, which allows the snail to both hear and move, emphasizes the importance of the ability to listen and the utility of the upward movement that regulates the universe.