Partner Participation Kit

2019 Summer Campaign

About The Campaign

As a Dublin, Ohio business or organization, you have a tremendous influence on what people think of our city. Your products and services are vital to the experiences that we collectively offer to travelers. Those experiences shape the stories that people tell about Dublin. They also affect the decisions people make when they consider a visit.

That’s why we invite you to join your tourism colleagues by participating in the Right Here in Dublin campaign.

This initiative has been developed to inspire visitors and locals alike to experience Dublin. It supports local businesses by highlighting what makes “Right Here” so special. In doing so, the campaign will build awareness and create urgency to visit the city.

This is your opportunity to help this campaign succeed. Together as an industry, our online voices will amplify the distinctive, fun and welcoming experiences that Dublin has to offer.


How to Participate

Now it’s time to show people what makes Dublin so special. Our community will benefit the most when Dublin’s businesses and tourism partners like you join the campaign.

Here is how you can get involved by using social media to share your Right Here in Dublin stories and experiences.  

Curate and create engaging content

Tell Dublin stories by posting content on your social media channels, or by sharing content from places like Dublin CVB, other local businesses and organizations, or even residents.

On social media, always focus on your audience first. Ask yourself, “What’s in it for them?” This way, you will have a better chance of sharing content that is engaging and relevant. Think about how your business or organization meets your audience’s needs through its products and experiences. Then, identify how those products are connected to Dublin’s overall story.


Videos to Share

From Nature Trails to Cocktail Trails:

Family Fun:

Irish Festival & Hospitality: