Every spring, Dublin comes alive with a wash of colorful blooms. Walk through vibrant gardens, explore hidden trails bursting with wildflowers, and uncover picturesque floral backdrops around every corner.  

1. Downtown Dublin

Streetscape of Historic Dublin with spring flowers

Downtown Dublin comes to life in the spring, and the flowers are no exception. As you stroll through Downtown (DORA drink in-hand, of course), keep an eye out for colorful blooms overflowing from window boxes and lining the streets 

Where to find them: Historic Dublin & Bridge Park 

Types of Blooms: Tulips, Pansies, Daffodils & more 

Best time to visit: Early April 

2. Scioto Park

Grassy hill covered in daffodils with the public art piece Leatherlips at the top of the hill.

Daffodils ring in the spring season for Leatherlips at Scioto Park. Every year the hill is covered with bright yellow blooms leading up to Dublin’s first piece of public art.  

Where to find them: 7377 Riverside Dr.  

Types of Blooms: Daffodils 

Best time to visit: Mid-April to Early May  

3. Mitchell’s Berries & Blooms  

A vase of wildflowers from Mitchell's Berries & Blooms

This 200-year-old farm turns into a flower-lovers' dream throughout the spring & summer. Walk among hundreds of daffodils in the spring and in the summer, “The Meadow” comes to life with a plethora of cosmos and zinnias in every color imaginable. Make sure to keep an eye on their website for flower themed events and U-Pick dates.  

Where to find them: 9331 Mitchell-Dewitt Rd. 

Types of Blooms: Daffodils, Various types of Wildflowers  

Best time to visit: Mid-April to Early May for daffodils. Mid-July to Mid-August for wildflowers 

4. Hidaka USA

Hidaka USA Cherry Blossoms

One of the most overlooked spots in Dublin has some of the prettiest blooms. Every year the grounds of Hidaka USA blossom into the prettiest shades of pink as their Cherry Blossom trees bloom. Guests are more than welcome to enjoy these trees as they flower and remind us that there is always peace and hope for a new beginning. 

Where to find them: 5761 Shier Rings Rd. 

Types of Blooms: Cherry Blossoms 

Best time to visit: Late March to Mid-April 

5. M.L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve  

Crabapple Trees M.L. Red

Walk beneath a canopy of flowering dogwood and crabapple trees, at M.L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve. Take a moment to explore the Historic Fleming Cabin, originally located near the present-day Dublin Post Office. Or, continue along the boardwalk and see if you can spot some native Ohio wildlife. 

Where to find them: 6500 Post Rd. 

Types of Blooms: Flowering Dogwood Trees, Crabapple Trees  

Best time to visit: April though Early May 

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