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Everything is greener in Dublin

From hiking across a prairie to walking a wooded path by waterfalls, Dublin offers an abundance of green space ready to explore. Dublin has more than 100 miles of bikepaths and 60 parks that offer playgrounds, soccer fields, cricket fields, baseball and softball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, disc golf courses, skate parks and dog parks. Shelter houses are available for your next picnic or family reunion. Also near Dublin is the Glacier Ridge Metro Park -- a 1,036 park that has hiking trails, bridle trails, a disc golf course, wetlands education area with an observation tower and lots of picnicking spots.

To help maintain the health and safety of all our park visitors, please follow these guidelines: 
  • Practice safe social distancing of at least 6 ft. in all areas of parks and trails. 
  • Follow all CDC guidelines regarding personal hygiene before visiting public areas. 
  • Do not use the park if you are feeling unwell or have a temperature. 
  • If an area of the park or trial is already crowded, explore another area. 
  • You may experience limited access to public restrooms and water fountains. 

For updates on City of Dublin outdoor activities and guidelines, click here

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