The annual COSI Science Festival is back in 2022 and is better than ever! The event kicks off Wednesday, May 4 with tons of community events throughout the latter half of the week and builds to the Big Science Celebration on Saturday, May 7 right outside of COSI. The community events happen all over the Columbus area, and range from fun STEM-related activities, to a brewery tour and so much more. The Big Science Celebration is a huge, free event and is possible due to great partnerships and sponsors like Battelle, Honda, the Bath & Body Works Foundation and many more.

Here's what you can expect from this 4-day event: 


COSI Science Festival 2

Science is all around us, and COSI invites you to contribute to REAL scientific research by participating in Ohio’s very own BioBlitz! What is a BioBlitz, you ask? It’s a way for our community to work together to find as many species of plant and animal life as possible in Ohio. COSI is inviting individuals, families, schools and organizations to participate by simply snapping photos of life in the wild. Using the iNaturalist platform, our observations will be tracked and made available to naturalists and researchers. Find out more here.

Community Events

COSI Science Festival Demo

From a brewery tour to glass blowing, there’s a little something for everyone during the more than 25 community events during the COSI Science Festival. Events run from 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 4 and run all the way through the Big Science Celebration on Saturday, May 4. Most of the activities are designated to teach our community about science happening around us every day in life. But there are some thrown in just for fun as well like the “Guess Who” event hosted by The Ohio State University’s STEM Impact Collaborative. A full list of events is available here.

Big Science Celebration

COSI Science Festival Streamers

On the festival’s final day, COSI and our partners cap off the festival with what we call a Big Science Celebration. It’s a full day packed full of dynamic and interactive science demonstrations as well as activities led by local STEM professionals, researchers and experts. Hel in the parks and riverfront surrounding COSI, this incredible gathering brings the public face-to-face with STEM experts from academics to pharmaceuticals to zoology – and everything in between. This event allows exhibitors to showcase to the public how STEM manifests in their daily work and lives in accessible ways – proving whether in research or banking, engineering or the culinary arts, science powers all industries.

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