Did you know rabbits can dance in Dublin, Ohio?! Learn the history of the Ballantrae Giant Dancing Hares and why it’s a local favorite!

Many locals refer to the Dancing Hares as the Bunny Hill or Bunny Park. The Hares are up to 24” tall and were commissioned in 2001 by artist Sophie Ryder’s hometown of London, England. 

Dancing Bunnies

Rabbits are known for their spring courtship, which is when they stand “boxing” to claim mates and territory. Ms. Ryder was so intrigued she created 3 sculptures.

Dancing Bunnies 2

Ms. Ryder made these 24-foot sculptures from metal scraps including pipes, hammers, screws and embedded other everyday household objects in the sculptures to give on-lookers a scavenger hunt while they admire her art. See how many you can find!

Closeup Bunny

Don’t forget the splashpad located at the bottom of the hill giving the community a fun, free activity to enjoy while admiring the public art (fountains open seasonally).


The Ballantrae Giant Dancing Bunnies are known for their happy moves and splashpad giving any sunny afternoon a cooldown, but these hares are more than just giant sculptures. They’re a centerpiece for the community!