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  • Address: 7377 Riverside Dr.
  • Dublin, OH 43016


Leatherlips, Dublin Arts Council’s first Dublin Art in Public Places program project, was created by Boston artist Ralph Helmick. The sculpture, a 12-foot high portrait of the Wyandot Native American Chief Leatherlips, was installed in Scioto Park in 1990. The head is a composite structure of various sizes of native limestone stacked and mortared. The sculpture is open on the top and has stacked stones extending back along its sides, creating a small enclosure that enables visitors a view of the river, the sunset and the amphitheater.

Local history relates that the Wyandot Native American, Chief Leatherlips, was executed by fellow tribesman at a location very near Scioto Park. In fact, Chief Leatherlips’ last hunting camp is said to have been located 2 miles north of Historic Dublin along the banks of the Scioto River near the location of the present day park. Early histories by the white settlers of the time described the old Chief as intelligent, dignified and peaceful.