You probably already knew Irish is an Attitude in Dublin, Ohio, but do you know why? Find the answer and learn 7 other facts you didn’t know about Dublin!

1. Dublin was named by an Irish man who traveled from Ireland 200 years ago. Learn about all Dublin’s History

Old Main St.

2. Historic Dublin has architecture from the 19th century. Take a Walking Tour to explore the artifacts, landmarks and more Dublin offers!

Walking Tour

3. There are 1,000 acres of parkland in Dublin. Explore them all!

Kids Playing

4. The “Field of Corn” is a tribute to Sam Frantz who invented a hybrid corn species (it’s located on Frantz Rd. Coincidence? We think not!) Take the Art in Public Places Cell Phone Tour.

Field of Corn

5. Dublin hosts the largest 3-day Irish Festival in the world. See for yourself!

Irish Fest Entertainment

6. Jack Nicklaus is one of the famous Dubliners living in our quaint town. Find out all the Famous Dubliners.

Jack Nicklaus

7. The Nation’s first Irish Fairy Doors Trail is in Historic Dublin. Become a Fairy Finder today!

Fairy Kids

Come to Dublin for some Irish Attitude! Learn how to Live Like a Local so you can go home feeling #SoDublin