Dublin Irish Festival

Celtic Sports

The Dublin Irish Festival is a great place for the sports lover. You can learn all about the Celtic sports such as the Gaelic Games, caber toss, boxing and more. Below is a list of all of the different sports and demonstrations you can experience during the Dublin Irish Festival!

Celtic Sports Schedule of Events

Gaelic Games is a collection of Irish sports including a variety of events such as hurling, Gaelic football, handball and more.

Hurling is known to be over 3,000 years old, and one of Ireland's fastest field sports. With a team of 15, an L-shaped stick and ball players battle across the field shooting toward an H-shaped goal. Each score is worth three points and the team with the highest school declares the win.

Boxing is Ireland's most successful Olympic sport with dozens of world-renowned boxers. Experience an Amateur Boxing Showcase during this year's Dublin Irish Festival to see the legacy continue.

Learn how sheep are herded with a real-life demonstration. Watch the canines in action for a captivating show for audiences of all ages.

celtic sports sheep

The Kids Highland Games is the perfect place for wee ones. Let them learn how to caber toss or shovel a sheep. This is a festival favorite because of the hands-on aspect.

celtic sports kids

Meet and greet local Gaelic Athlete Association clubs then work hands-on with all of them as they teach and assist the "Wee Folk" in games such as field hurling and Gaelic Football. (Gaelic Athlete Association clubs include: the Columbus Gaelic Football Club and the Pittsburg Hurling Club.)

Don't miss the Darts and Sports Pub where you can chat and learn from darts professional, Wade Wilcox, while enjoying the atmosphere of a sports pub.

Darts & Sports Pub Schedule of Events

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