DIY Irish Fairy Costume

Halloween is already a wand flick away, and we’ve been brewing up the best ideas for costumes this year. With the nation’s first Irish Fairy Door Trail open to the public, we’ve seen a lot of great fairy costumes, so we decided to help you create your very own Irish Fairy costume to wear for Halloween and when you complete the Irish Fairy Doors of Dublin Trail! Thanks to Pinterest, bloggers and our seven resident fairies, this Irish Fairy costume will blow the socks off the rest of the neighborhood. Let’s get started!

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Scissors, ruler, hot glue gun, string
  2. 4 zip ties (14 in.)
  3. 1 sheet of green felt
  4. 2 ft. of elastic
  5. 3-5 ft. of green tulle (3 shades)
  6. Green ribbon: 1 wide roll and 3-4 narrow rolls, 1 silky roll
  7. 1 large + 5 small green flowers (fake)
  8. 12 in. wooden dowel rod
  9. 2 wire headbands

Irish Fairy Costume

Step 1: Tulle Skirt

  • Measure ribbon around child’s waist leaving 5 in. extra on both ends then cut
  • Cut 1-3 in. wide pieces of tulle (in all shades)
  • Loop-knot tulle pieces around ribbon band (still leaving 5 in. on both ends empty)
  • Fill in as much or as little as desired to create a fuller or slimmer tutu
  • Using the 5in. empty ends, tie into a bow around child’s waist

Find an Example Here.

Step 2: Fairy Wings

  • Pull 4 zip ties into large circles
  • Cut felt into a circle large enough to cover the 4 centers of the zip ties then hot glue them on
  • Hot glue flower on top of the zip tie side of the felt
  • Cut elastic into 12 in. strips, position next to felt circle and tie around 2 zip ties (these are the arm straps)
  • Cut enough tulle to cover all 4 zip ties into 1 in. (W) by 7 in. (H) strips
  • Loop-knot tulle around each zip tie

Find an Example Here.

Step 3: Fairy Crown

  • Place 2 wire headbands together in the shape of a crown, measure in that position around child’s head then hot glue the ends together adding string around too secure
  • Placing one more drop of hot glue on TOP of string, start wrapping silky ribbon around headbands covering it completely
  • Take 4-6 strips of one color tulle (however long you desire) and tie onto one side
  • Take 5 small flowers and hot glue them onto the headband where the tulle is tied

Find an Example Here.

Step 4: Fairy Wand

  • Take 12 in. dowel rod and place hot glue around one end
  • Start wrapping regular narrow ribbon around hot glued end, cover entire rod with ribbon
  • Then taking a different color of tulle, wrap around a small book 20 times then cut the tulle down the middle against one side of the book
  • Tie rubber band around halves of tulle (about 40 squares), cover the rubber band with a piece of ribbon and pull out individual ends creating a poof of tulle
  • Place dowel rob into the center of your tulle poof between the rubber band
  • Tie a piece of silky ribbon into a bow around the dowel rod right beneath the tulle poof

Find an Example Here.

Have your child wear a matching green top, leggings or shorts and some green shoes with the tulle fairy skirt tied around your child’s waist, crown on their head, wings on their back and wand in their hand to become a real life fairy! For some extra fun, put green glitter into a jar they can wear around their neck so they always have “fairy dust” on hand. Our seven resident Irish Fairies would love to see your homemade Fairy costumes as you’re doing the Irish Fairy Doors of Dublin Trail or just trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Tag all your photos with #SoDublin so we can see your costumes and you can be featured on our website!